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Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Mediums

Oil Painting Primer Oil Painting Primer

A ready-to-use primer for oil painting in a non-yellowing oil-modified alkyd resin medium.

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Refined Linseed Oil Refined Linseed Oil

Winsor & Newtons refined linseed oil helps oil painters to reduce the buttery consistancy of their paints and increases gloss and transparency while increasing working time.

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Stand Oil (Linseed) Stand Oil (Linseed)

Improves flow of oil colours.  Excellent for making mediums and glazing.  Smoothes brush strokes.  Slows drying and gives a tough elastic, pale film.

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Drying Poppy Oil Drying Poppy Oil

Drying Poppy Oil from Winsor & Newton allows oil painters to reduce the consistancy of their paints while increasing the gloss and transparency. It is fast-drying and particularly well suited to whites and lighter shades due to it's pale colour.

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Distilled Turpentine Distilled Turpentine

A fast evaporating, highly refined essential oil with the strongest thinning & brush cleaning power of all Artists’ grade solvents.

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Sansodor Sansodor

A low odour solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.

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Artists' White Spirit Artists' White Spirit

A volatile, flammable diluent suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.

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Artists' Picture Cleaner Artists' Picture Cleaner

Artists Picture Cleaner works by dissolving surface dirt and the products of oxidation. Perfect for breathing life into old paintings!

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Artists' Painting Medium Artists' Painting Medium

A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks.

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Liquin Oleopasto Liquin Oleopasto

Liquin Oleopasto in 200ml tubes.

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Liquin Original Liquin Original

This reliable favourite is a general purpose semi gloss medium which speeds drying, improves flow and reduces brush stroke retention.

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Liquin Light Gel Liquin Light Gel

This quick drying gloss medium offers a slight gel that brushes out smoothly and is ideal for artists looking for a non-drip effect when mixed with colour.

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