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The Pro Arte Brush Range – Information

Pro Arte brushes make up the largest range of brushes of any artists brush manufacturer, providing natural hair or synthetic filaments in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate every type of art and craft application.

For oil and acrylic paints Pro Arte offers the Hog, Renaissance, Connoisseur, Polar White Nylon and Prolene Synthetic ranges of Brushes; along with Sterling Acrylic and Acrylix Brushes which are specifically designed for acrylics.

Pro Arte also offers a large selection of Watercolour brushes including the Squirrel Kazan and Kazan Wash made from the finest squirrel hair from the Russian province of Kazan. Wash and Mop Brushes for general use and Hake Brushes designed for artists who wish to emulate the 'Fast and Loose' style of watercolour painting of Ron Ranson.

There are also a number of different ranges of brushes aimed at students and junior artists such as Nylon Flat, Student Wash and Pony Hair Brushes.

More detailed information about some of the brushes in this extensive range is provided below:

Artists Hog Brushes

Artists Hog Brush

The Artists Hog Brush from Pro Arte is made from Jyukeis hog hair, which is the widely regarded as the highest possible quality of bristle currently available. It is regarded by connoisseurs and Artists for being without equal. Jyukeis hog bristles are particularly stable and when used for brushes with Long or Short Flats curves they provide a outstanding razor’s edge and considerable spring whilst remaining very receptive to oil paints. The most significant advantage of this type of bristle is its ability to be able to retain its original shape even with endless hours of constant use. The four different shapes of brush in the range have a long green polished handle and a smooth nickel brass ferrule.

Prolene Brushes


Pro Arte was the first brush manufacturer to introduce Prolene bristles and did so with a significant level of success. Over the years they have continued the development of and perfected the production of Prolene brushes, which are now the favourite type of watercolour brush for many artists. There are several advantageous properties of Prolene - being extremely durable and long-lasting and resilient to becoming damaged when used with Indian ink, unlike Sable. All brushes in this range have gold tipped a black polished handle and a Seamless nickel ferrule.

Renaissance Sable Brush

Renaissance-Sable Brush

Renaissance Sable Round Brushes were re-released by Pro Arte to be sold alongside the extremely successful Prolene range. They are specially developed to satisfy the purists who require conventional sable bristles which have a fantastic paint holding capability. Renaissance brushes also offer great value for money as they are approximately fifty percent cheaper compared with competing brushes form other manufacturers. They include an ample filament and a gold plated ferrule and are completed with a polished dark green handle. Renaissance is the preferred choice for many traditional artists and is also an affordable high quality sable brush.

The Connoisseur Brush

Pro Arte Connoisseur Brush

The Connoisseur Pro Arte brush provides an expertly blended mix of Sable and Prolene. Pro Arte invested a significant amount of time to research and develop a remarkably high quality watercolour brush which has the look and feel of Sable and has excellent colour holding properties. The addition of Prolene fibres ensures a long lasting artists brush available at an affordable price. This brush performs excellently in all areas of watercolour painting and is favoured by many watercolour artists.

Ron Ranson Hake Brush

Ron Ranson Hake Brush

Ron Ranson Hake Pro Arte Brushes are widely-used by artists who want to replicate the 'Fast and Loose' method of painting - a unique method of painting pioneered by Ron Ranson. The Goat Bristles used in the production of these Japanese style Hakes brushes has to be washed in cold water after use to prevent the shrinking of the fibres.