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Azanta Long Handle Filbert Brushes

Azanta Hog Brushes are a range of inexpensive natural Hog Bristle Brushes suitable for use with Oil, Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil and Acrylic colours. Made from good quality hog hair, Azanta brushes have a good degree of stiffness and the bristles are ‘flagged' (i.e. split at the tips). These qualities make Azanta suitable for mixing and applying thick bodied oil colour. Azanta brushes have seamless corrosion resistant ferrules with lacquered handles.  They are available with short handles which are excellent for close up painting and long handles for easel painting.

Azanta brushes are particularly attractive to beginners, students or professionals who are looking for an inexpensive brush

Azanta Long Handle Filbert Brushes, flat with oval tip. Creates broad marks with a soft edge. The Filbert shaped head of this brush combines the control of Short Flat/ Bright with the softer edges of a Round. A filbert is a narrow, flat brush with hairs that come to a rounded point. Used on its side, a filbert gives a thin line; used flat it produces a broad brush stroke; and by varying the pressure as you apply the brush to canvas, or flicking it across, you can get a tapering mark.

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