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Galeria Structure Gel

Add to acrylic colour to create high peak retention. Smooth and flexible. Provides a gloss finish with good clarity.

Acrylic Gels can be divided into three groups; Structure Gels, Modelling Pastes and Texture Gels.

Structure Gels are made from acrylic resin and are formulated for greater body and structure than the more fluid Gloss and Matt Mediums.  They enable you to create surface texture and high peak retention of brush marks.

Modelling Pastes are the heaviest of all mediums and are suited for carving and sanding and are ideal for building extreme textures.

Texture Gels offer a range of aggregate textures within heavier acrylic gels. These are suitable for any application in which highly unique surface textures are desired.

All Galeria Texture Mediums are clear when dry resulting in minimal change to any added colour.

Available in 250ml and 500ml Pots

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