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Griffin Alkyd Oil Colour in 37ml tubes

Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints from Winsor and Newton are fast drying range of oil colour in comparison to conventional petroleum based oil paints. This enables artists to complete traditional glazing and impasto oil painting techniques within one single painting session.

The full range of alkyd paints consists of 50 different colours and have an enhanced depth and clarity for glazes.

Griffin Alkyd Oil Colour is formulated with an alkyd resin which is modified with oils. This advanced solvent gives the oil paint quick drying properties whilst maintaining similar characteristics qualities of traditional oil paint. Griffin alkyd paints have a slightly thinner consistency and marginally increased transparency qualities compared with conventional oils.

The expert formulation by Winsor and Newton of these fast drying alkyd oil paints results in a product of superior quality.

Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed below may not accurately represent the actual colour.

Numbers in brackets after the colour name refer to Winsor and Newton Series Information.



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