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Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Colour 60ml Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Colour 60ml

The original line of GOLDEN Artist Acrylics is known for its exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency. GOLDEN has a cult following due to it's superb quality and huge range of colours and mediums for all sorts of creative applications.


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Golden Mica Based Acrylic 119ml Golden Mica Based Acrylic 119ml

Golden Acrylic With Metallic Mica Flakes Available in 119ml Pots

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GOLDEN Acrylics highly regarded for their extremely smooth and thick buttery consistency. This range of paints contains the widest selection of exclusive and pure pigments. They are manufactured with a pure acrylic emulsion and are designed for professional artists. All of the colours in the range offer outstanding lightfastness and permanency. Additives such as extenders, fillers, dyes or toners are not used.

Each colour in the range is formulated differently according to the characteristics of each pigment. As a result, colours which can hold a greater pigment loading dry to a more matte and opaque finish. Other colours in the range which do not accept a high pigment load will be more transparent and dry with a glossy finish. As Golden acrylics do not contain additives or matting agents, there is a difference in the gloss of each individual colour.

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