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Cryla Acrylic Colour 75ml Cryla Acrylic Colour 75ml

Daler Rowney Cryla Heavy Body Acrylic Colour 75ml. The first acrylic ever launched in Europe…


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Daler Rowney Cryla Acrylic Paints are Heavy Body Acrylics of artistsí quality. Cryla Acrylics are noted for their butter-like thick texture and consistency, with all of the colours from the range producing an even eggshell-like finish. They have a very small level of shift in colour from a wet to a dry state. Daler Rowney Cryla Paints have a distinctively buttery and heavy feel when being applied with a pallet knife or paint brush which is favoured by artists who wish to generate a variety of impasto painting effects. They are specifically designed to retain and hold the brush or knife stroke making them perfect for highly textured impasto techniques.

They can be mixed with many different mediums to produce a number of different effects. They can also be thinned with a small amount of water; however, after it has dried the particles of resin combine together into one body which forms a flexible and tough waterproof finish.

Cryla Acrylics can used with many different painting surfaces which should ideally be pre-treated with specifically developed acrylic primers. They have an average drying time of five minutes at room temperature which is a superb benefit to artists who paint quickly and use over-painting techniques.

The Cryla paints are created by combining the best possible pigments with a pure acrylic emulsion which is designed not to yellow over time whilst offering a high level of light-fastness and permanence.

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