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Art Spectrum Soft Pastels

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels are available in a range of 154 individual sticks which provide pure, brilliant and intense colours. Manufactured from pure lightfast pigments which are carefully selected from around the world, Art Spectrum Pastels are triple milled to ensure thorough mixing of the pigments and binder to release the utmost intensity and brilliance of colour. This approach to the manufacturing process creates pure colours with a brilliant intensity together with a variety of refined and subtle tints and smouldering darks. Each pastel in the range is free from harmful ingredients making them completely safe to use.

The range begins with a number of pure pigment colours; these are then extended by tinting and turning to create a selection of lighter and darker shades. This is not a formulated process where all colours have the same number of tints and tones, there are a varying number of tones for each colour specifically designed to meet the needs of the artist.

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels are manufactured in Australia where they are the market leading brand of artistsí quality pastels. The colours in the range incorporate some which are distinctively unique to the landscape of Australia, including Pilbara Red, Jacaranda and Australian Red Gold. In contrast to different brands, Art Spectrum pastels do not have an even softness across the range. This is due to the diverse characteristics and composition of the different pigments which are used, and Art Spectrum believes that the inclusion of softeners or extenders would result in a reduction the levels of purity and brilliance of the pastels.

Each Art Spectrum Soft Pastel is contained within a clear plastic label so the colour can be clearly seen and your fingers stay clean. The label is perforated in 1cm strips so it can be easily removed in small sections as the pastel is being used.

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